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What even is a ritual ?

There are many different types of rituals. There is the usual ritual we think of when someone is using a candle, or burning something, cleansing, meditating etc. but have you ever implemented ritual into your daily life ? When you wake up and you set a self care routine that's a ritual to get yourself ready and your day started. When you're cooking, adding ingredients, dancing around the kitchen and sending love into your food - that's a ritual to feed your body, soul, and your family. When you take a bath with thise herbs, those candles, and those vibes - that's a ritual. Everything is a ritual and being mindful about the many rituals that is your day to day life will help you be more present in thise moments.

Of course literal candle rituals are important too, but first learn about the rituals you can implement into your day to day life before doing candle magic. Comment below some of the rituals that are apart of your day to day life.

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