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Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms

People usually don't know about the clinical benefits of micro-dosing mushrooms and how amazing it is 💜 Most people think of a situation they heard where someone (who is uneducated and never took any psychedelics or plant medicines before) took a whole load of shrooms or LSD and was tripping out so bad they almost hurt themselves and had a bad experience. This person often did not have intentions or the right setting. Some people can't control their minds, don't research these things, nor have any respect for these sacred things. Many people as well as the government make these sacred substances look bad because they don't understand it or educate themselves. Most of these substances were used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes and are sacred to many cultures. Utilize it the right way and you can receive a lot of beautiful benefits. Instead of jumping headfirst into psychedelics, micro-dosing is a great start to introducing yourself to them. Microdosing is taking a very minimal dose to receive clinical benefits before throwing yourself into a ceremony or a full trip. Also, it helps test the waters.

You can always adjust your microdose amount to whatever fits your life. Usually, my schedules are 2 days on and 2 days off for 30 days at a 0.2-0.3. It doesn't affect your daily functions and helps you work on things slowly. Beginners Microdose Kits come with everything you need to start. I always encourage people to share their micro-dosing testimonies to help others. Read below for reviews and more. 

It's important to remember that psilocybin is like a job. This one job is not specifically meant for everyone. It will typically find you.

When diving into some of the research on psychedelic therapy, we are beginning to see its vast role in neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and the growth of new neuronal connections within the brain.

Psilocybin has been shown to increase grey matter as well as decrease ⬇️ activity in the default mode network in the brain.

(An increase ⬆️ in the default mode network is correlated with depression)

We can see that (especially for those who are long-time users) psilocybin is a shortcut into deeper meditative states by grounding us in the current moment.

However, like all shortcuts, they can come with a bit more of a risk.

Now a bad trip tends to be all that we deny and resist within ourselves. A fight against our deeper intuitive mind.

You are ingesting a plant that brings us back into our body and into this current moment. At this point, we may be face to face with much that we repress.

Not to fear as here, we have a choice; to embrace and accept the flooding of serotonin and go along for the ride or to fight it and resist.

This is where "bad trips" come from, resistance.

"Resistance is the most toxic force on the planet."

If we are expecting to take this vegetable teacher to a party, or simply, to "get fucked up" then we will most likely have a bad trip.

Your setting, mindset, and intention are all extremely important in your psychedelic journey as it is a must to respect the plant and its teachings.

Ensure you are feeling ready and able. Ensure you have an intention and that you are absolutely in a safe space.

If it is your first time, be sure to have a trusted individual close by to help keep you grounded if needed.

Start with a lower dose.

We will take the path of least resistance. To flow with the stream of water, down deeper states of consciousness as we now unlock a more profound state of being.

Remember to trust yourself and your perceptions as they've always been true.

Microdosing Mushrooms is the biggest thing clients are doing in the group and I am so pleased with how little by little it's helping you all, but here are some useful tips to add to the information I have in the group already about micro-dosing: 

Tip 1: Taking it in the morning is the best time to take it, taking it at night might cause some issues going to sleep when you first start. I can take them at night for pain and fall asleep because my blood cells are used to it, but for beginners, it's gonna make you feel wide awake and trippy because once you close your eyes and get in that meditative state with it you won't be able to sleep.  Cleanse your home, eat a good breakfast/lunch, meditate/ground, and start your day 💜

Tip 2: Eating,  A lot of people have experienced discomfort in their stomachs when the psilocybin breaks down, the mushrooms will let you know you aren't taking care of your body so eat well and drink a lot of water beforehand and try to only snack a little while it's breaking down in your stomach, you can't eat much while they're in your system because they're very sensitive to many things. We put so many foreign foods and liquids into our bodies, and when I tell you these mushrooms are conscious and will make you feel like crap from not caring for your health and what you're putting in your body, they will. 

Things you should stray away from :

Soda/Coffee / Energy Drinks 
Unhealthy processed foods/ Spicy things/ Too much Salt 
I stay away from beef/pork/cheese, but I'm not asking anyone to go vegan here.

Click Here to view our most recent research proposal - a hypothetical study on Psychedelics and Integration :

You do not have to eat a huge meal, keep it at an appropriate portion. 

Tip 3: I have already posted this before NO drugs, other medication, or alcohol. Plants Only.  Medications and drugs can have negative interactions leading to death. 

Tip 4: Always cleanse your space before partaking. Once your vibrations rise you will feel your atmosphere's energy! Care for your sacred space. 

Tip 5: Just take the actual mushroom, don't grind it, don't put it in a smoothie or tea, etc. Microdoses are small enough and altering it takes away some of its effects although it makes it easier to take. Just grab you a chip or cracker and chew it up! 

Please feel free to add some tips in the comments from my veteran users if I missed something!

The Thing About Big Pharma and Pharmecitucals for Mental Health

It is ideal for you to not take any pharmaceutical medicines, especially SSRI when utilizing plant medicines. This will create adverse reactions. I do not recommend anyone to wean themselves off without consulting their doctor or if you don't want to, I do recommend, however, to not indulge in these entheogenic until you are off medicine to be 100% safe

The DSM in Psychology is a huge catalog of mental disorders, it is set to research agendas and funding, insurance coverage, and is frequently used in the legal system. There have been many revisions of the DSM to categorize mental disorders, and recent research has proposed that new mental disorders and criteria are being added so big pharma can capitalize off prescribing you medication for something you could heal with a change of diet, cognitive therapy treatment plan, lifestyle change, or a Holistic approach to your psychological/physical well being.

I know a lot of you who are on pharmaceuticals think I just talk all this "Holistic Mumbo Jumbo" so you can receive my services, but from life experience of being on medicine and the research I do, I truly know natural healing is the way to go because big pharmaceutical just wants to profit off your issues, mask the problem, and never actually heal the root cause. Over 69% of the individuals whorevisede the DSM had ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The DSM has 15 new diagnoses that pharmaceutical companies can target, and they have relaxed certain criteria (for example depression criteria) so that they market antidepressants to those grieving a loss when what they need is a treatment plan, not medication. Previously, someone grieving a death could not be diagnosed with depression or given medication, "Removing those strict criteria in the DSM opens the door for pharmaceutical companies to market anti-depressants to those who are grieving, although the two are distinctly different psychological experiences."Yett, we trust the medicine they prescribe us for issues that can be cured in time, with patience, instead of fixing the root of the problem. Slapping a bandage on top of years of trauma, issues, etc does not heal it, yes you feel "normal" for some time, but over time under that bandage, the scar is not getting any air and continues to get infected. You are not healing your neuroplasticity or leveling out your neurotransmitters, you're being psychologically dependent on something that will cause greater issues later in life for a short fix that they make a profit off of. It may be difficult, and surely it is to face the raw reality of life, but you can better yourself in much more natural ways by taking the harder route than the easier route from people who do not care about your well-being at all.

Sincerely, a Holistic and entheogenic Therapist

What Shamans think Mental Illness is

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