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Shamanic Ceremonies

Join our group on Facebook to learn more about these ceremonies and to book. Find the link to join below, or contact us for more information. Sometimes we plan group retreats, but the majority of the time these ceremonies are one on one sessions with Shaman Embellish Tyra for when you are ready to book. It is recommended to have your first Holistic Therapy session to start a treatment plan for us to discuss where you are on your plant medicine journey, discuss proper preparation, and plan your first ceremony. Book your first consult session under "Our Services." We travel for ceremonies, or you can travel to us. 

    My job as a Shaman or healer is to lead the ceremony, Here is my ceremony price list. If you're interested or have any questions please do dm me privately! 

     You can choose to be out in Nature, which is preferable 💚

If you're interested in any and have been preparing and researching your next phase of spirituality, the next step of your ascension in your life, next phase of healing, please dm me! I have no specific dates because I want each individual person to have their own experience by themselves one on one with me and their loved ones instead of working around people they don't know. I also do couples ceremonies and if you're interested in a group ceremony I am open to that as well. 

The ceremony includes medical/psychological basic screening by me through my holistic therapy session. Included is Meditation, sound cleansing, crystals, cleansing, a ritual candle of intent for the ceremony, an oracle reading, and discussions on the plant you're about to journey with. You will be able to discuss all intentions and purpose of the Ceremony with me beforehand. It also includes food if you're not on a specific diet already. If you want a 2-day Ceremony you're more than welcome to have one. Remember this is all about YOU🤍🌸

Please book ahead of time so I can book your Air BnB or source location, you can choose whichever Air BnB you would like, and it'll be included in your total price💜 Reach out if interested and we can discuss/Schedule/Book a time. If you do not want to book an Air BnB you do not have to! I'm open to nature sites, and campsites, I travel to people's homes, etc. I am trying to work on being able to house participants for a few days to give them comfort and safety and give them time to properly integrate if they travel here! Prices are very negotiable🤍  The donations help me continue helping others and keeping the medicine going. 

If you know ANYONE who is not in this group, but would love a safe, loving, protected space to heal with a genuine shaman, please do not be afraid to send them to me 💜

When it comes to your personal ceremony, it is all about YOU. If you want to cry to me and talk for hours, we can do that. If you want to scream for no reason outside, we can do that. If you want to, paint, dance, sing, we can do that. Or if you just want to simply get in the ceremony and meditate into yourself for hours and relax with no talking or distraction, we can do that too. After I get done cleansing, doing meditation, and when you take the plants, it's all YOUR ceremony now. I'm just here to hold space, assist, cleanse, and help you dig deep if that's what you need. 💜

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30 Day Beginners Microdose Kit


Learn about micro dosing first if you are new to psychedelics and begin your journey there. 30-day micro dose kit includes everything you need to start micro dosing 

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Shamanic Mushroom Ceremony


Learn more by joining the group!

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Changa (Smokeable Ayahuasca) Ceremony


Learn more by joining the group!

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Psilohuasca Ceremony


Learn more by joining the group!

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Lysergic Ceremony


Learn more by joining the group!

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Clear out your pineal gland with this natural remedy to clear out and strengthen your the eyes. A very intense 10-minute sit in meditation with a drop in each eye. Join the group to learn more!

For more ceremony recommendations for Kambo, Ayahuasca, Hape, and more please contact us. 

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