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What are Crystals and Orgonite? 

How can we use them?

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I.  What is a Crystal?

A. Google describes a crystal as a “Solid hard mineral having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces ranging from simple salts to diamonds,” but there is more to it than that complicated description. Most crystals are millions of years old and grow in different places all over the world, so what is it with this façade that it is a New Age trend?

  1.  For example, Amethyst grows within volcanic rocks while a highly vibrating Quartz crystal may have grown in an igneous rock.


2. Crystals love the heat and pressure they receive under earth’s crust, and when they are squeezed, they can emit their energy creating a piezo electric effect. In other words, the crystals ramp up, and they never run out of power. Crystals continuously clear themselves under this effect at the same time amplifying the metaphysical properties of the specific crystal. Each kind of crystal has its own set of metaphysical properties with different Spiritual and Emotional Influences as well as a Physical effects and connection.


B. What else is there to know about crystal energy? The Scientific community has deemed crystal energy and healing as a type of pseudoscience. The idea behind crystal healing is that a crystal facilitates healing in many ways such as reiki, meditation, placement of stones on the chakras of the body, or by wearing them and simply having them in your environment where they act as intention-based tokens of positivity and spiritual intuition.


  1. “Crystal healing forms part of what is known as Mind-Body medicine based on psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) (Ref 19 & 20), where “PNI provides biochemical evidence for the communication interface among emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and the neuroendocrine and immune systems.” Mind-Body medicine or alternative medicine can provide support to conventional biomedical based models of healing (Ref 21 & 22) and together they have the potential to heal patients on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well as preventing disease through the enhancement of an individual patient’s innate healing capabilities. There are even discussions surrounding Mind-Body medicine effects at a quantum level.” (All Natural Spirit, 2017)


  1. Crystals emit real energy that can be measured on a scientific scale. It is hypothesized that the energy transmitted from each individual crystal can interact with human DNA to provide targeting healing benefits.


II. How can you utilize this crystal energy?


  1. Besides simple crystal meditation where the crystal is used either in your meditation space or you are holding it in your hand, you can create a scientific researched energy device with proven benefits. These energy devices are called Orgonite or Orgone devices.

  1. Orgonite is an induction matrix with a 50% metal to a 50% crystal ratio created with epoxy resin. It is a self-driven, continuously operating, highly efficient negative to positive energy transmutation factory. According to Matt Harding in Everything and Nothing Changes, “In the curing process of the shrinking resin, a piezoelectric effect occurs from pressure placed upon the metal and crystal. The collected negative energy is then transformed into a positive etheric energy. An example of this process would be using Orgonite to absorb cell phone radio waves and convert them to a specific energy that benefits a self-confident creative collective.” (2013)

  2. Discovered and first created by Wilhelm Reich in 1940, Orgonite energy has been scientifically proven to make an impact on people, animals, and the environment. Orgonite is an induction matrix, the metal particles when insulated with epoxy act like electrical conductors which create an electromagnetic field of its own.  This electromagnetic field draws in surrounding emf, radiation, and negative energy which the Quartz in turn converts into positive life force energy (orgone, chi, prana). EMF (such as 5G) blankets our landscape like electromagnetic smog which affects us all on a cellular level adding extra stress on the physical and the mental. We are unaware of all of this until we find ourselves far away from society and distractions by being in nature.


  1. There are profound effects of Orgonite on the body and your environment from the materials that are used inside the Orgonite.


  1. The materials that are used can range from different metals, different crystals, and different organic materials all squeezed inside of epoxy resin. The most efficient and well known Orgonite make up is Copper, Iron Oxide, 24k Gold flakes, and Quartz Crystals. Quartz is one of the most powerful vibrating crystals besides Diamonds. You can add in any other crystal blends you want for different metaphysical and physical benefits and effects.


  1. Some of the more profound benefits of Orgone is that it combats electronic pollution, stress, depression, headaches, insomnia, and brain fog. It helps to purify the atmosphere, detoxifies water, repel pests, clears stagnant energy in your Chakras, and inspires a pleasant demeanor for a more balanced, happier mood. Most of all, it helps to awaken your innate psychic senses.



      In this world rampant with stress and the never-ending rush to the next thing to do in society, the next thing to get fixed in our lives, or the next physical issue to be fixed by man made products and pharmaceuticals, we often forget to let ourselves simply be and to create a peaceful supporting environment so our bodies can naturally heal themselves. Understanding and Utilizing Crystals and Orgone Energy seem to hold some of the answers to creating such a beneficial environment around us. So next time you find yourself picking up a rock, ask yourself, am I a witch? No, you are not a witch, but just another by product of nature and the energy that is in the world around us.



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