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 Want to learn more about the spiritual journey or holistic lifestyle? Come learn more from Embellish T, our practices, and our daily life. Your one-stop destination for all things metaphysical! With a wide range of classes and products on offer, you can learn more about crystals, cleansing, the history of sage, tarot, oracle, candles, the medicine wheel, intentions, manifestation classes, meditation, doing your own rituals, protection, glamour and self-love, money manifestation, shadow work, the chakras, reiki, energy healing, sacred geometry, apothecary and herbs, and how to care for your Altar, Ancestor work and much more?!  Check out our weekly blog posts, subscribe to us, and watch out for future classes! All classes will be available in person and online with incentives! As we grow, we may also create a youtube channel as well. Have a suggestion of something you would like to learn? Contact us on our website. 

If you want to learn 1 on 1 or have questions about your spiritual journey, go to our services page and book your own spiritual consultation appointment! 1 hour - 1 on 1 session over whatever you'd like to learn, especially if no classes are currently available. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Our Previous Classes

Mommy Meetup Live - Mental Healing with Herbs

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