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About Embellish T

Graphic design of Tyra in the form your would see her spiritually
Embellish T's photo of shop owner Tyra Smith
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About Me

I am Shaman Tyra. I grew up in Long Beach, CA - and currently reside in TN. I'm Aztec, Native American, and African American, and consider all aspects of my culture in my business and my life. I have my own adversities and a deep story that has propelled me forward into who I am today. On my healing journey to self, something deep inside of me was unlocked to reveal the shamanic reality that lay before me. Through holistic and plant medicines, I began to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually and I stepped into my name and power as a Shaman. This lifestyle bleeds through my blood, my culture, and my ancestors. Ever since I continued to pursue my career focus in Psychological Science with a major focus on Holistic Therapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy, It wasn't just about helping others, but holding space and helping them with the tools, knowledge, and energy to truly heal them mentally, physically, and spiritually from the root. Taking a deeper look into ritual, spiritual, and natural ways to bring about balance back in one's life to make them whole has onset a domino effect of my growth, learning, and healing journey. My focus is on the ascension of everyone's soul into their higher selves. Taking an Eastern medicine view of healing, I mix science, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, holistic living, psychedelics, apothecary, and neuroscience in almost everything I do. I am constantly researching and creating a wave in this field that is overlooked.  I consider many aspects of someone's life and create treatment plans for true change and healing.  There is much to consider when it comes to who you are as a person physically and energetically, and I take all those things into account as your Therapist and your guide as a Shaman. Spiritual and Ritual practices are sometimes forgotten when we consider healing. I started Embellish T years ago just creating fluid art and hand-making custom epoxy resin designs, and then my art and connections grew into something more than I could ever imagine when I started selling crystals and first started my own dive into Psychedelic Therapy. My art was my shadow work, a part of my past and my story and when I spiritually grew, so did this business, so I offer everything that helped me in my own growth. Embellish T is my journey of embellishing my life and soul into more.  I am here to help  EMBELLISH your life. 

Want to learn more about me & me and my story? Check out the Nashville Voyagers Blog about my business & under "Most Inspiring Stories" or learn more about me on Facebook.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans are indigenous healers that connect as a spirit in this world and the spiritual realms. The role of a Shaman is to access knowledge and wisdom as a seer, a spirit doctor, a negotiator, and a ceremonialist. Shamans are called upon to bring about understanding, balance, and harmony to wholeness. I utilize spiritual means and holistic means to connect someone to their higher selves, ground them, and better their life as well as further a positive relationship with God, Source, or Great Spirit. Although Shaman is usually associated with a Native American approach we are the same as healers, priests, witches, elders, high priestesses, and a bruja - regardless you incorporate everything into one philosophy and one way of life to assist all ways of life. I am a medicine woman in tune with many cultures and help heal through them. Shamans focus on soul healing, individually, and as a tribe, and are concerned with the coexistence and the relationship between the community and its surroundings. 

Let’s Connect!

Embellish T Art & Holistic Living is located on state line of Oak Grove, KY & Clarksville, TN 

Tel: 931-801-8289

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